About Spike Vain

Spike Vain is a multimedia artist based in Boyle Heights, CA.

Born in Lvov, Ukraine in 1973, Spike and family then relocated to Rome,Italy in 1977 and finally settled in Los Angeles in 1978.

Spikes interest in medicine and art started at an early age and flourishes to this day. As an avid collector of medical epherma, in particular radiographic film, Spikes collection has grown exponentionally in the last two decades. With the technologic advancement of modern radiology, actual film has become an antiquated and almost obsolete art. Spikes amalgamation of medical diagnostic film and lighting design preserves the science and beauty of each one of a kind image. XrayVisionDesigns manifested in 2002 as an idea to find functionality for processed medical film but took physical form in 2006 with the first lighting fixture.

When Spike is not designing x-ray art forms, time is split between a full time job as a registered veterinary technician in Oncology and wrangling a herd of rescued geriatric and/or amputee chihuahuas.